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Keep on riding!

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Leasing an e-bike in times of coronavirus? No problem. Joule continues to be fully operational in these isolated times. With our model of delivery at work (or home) we keep on servicing our clients with operational excellence.

After plenty of discussion in the National Security Council, alea iacta est. Cycling or walking in the open air is allowed with family members living under the same roof or with one friend, as long as the social distancing norm (1.5 meter) is taken into account.  

Source: VRTNWS

Leasing an e-bike: our commuting heroes keep on spreading the energy! 

At Joule we loudly support this decision. Thanks to our unique setup with a direct online webshop, our business remains to the utmost extent open.

As always, via our website, you can select the quality bicycle, e-bike or accessory of your choice for business purchase or operational lease. If you require assistance, we are there to help 24/7. We can support you in the choice of your favorite bike or help you with size or stock availabilities.

After your order, Joule’s mobile repair service delivers at your workplace or home address, and provides the explanation via a post-delivery phone call. We kindly ask our clients to respect the rules of social distancing. 

Which bike should you choose?

Well, have a look in our bike shop! We segment our portfolio based on different properties: type of bike (battery), category and brands! Do not hesitate to simulate a quote without obligation.

Webshop leasing e-bike shop

Type: which bike would you like to use?

Are you interested in electric or non-electric? Based on the ‘battery-filter’ you can select your favourite bike. The battery indicates the range of the bike. When using an electric bike you can ride in different action modes. You will find a brief example of different ranges below.

  400Wh 500Wh
Range ECO 141,3 km 178,3 km
Range TOUR 81,7 km 103,1 km
Range SPORT 62,9 km 79,4 km
Range TURBO 55 km 69,4 km

Category: which model do you prefer?

  • City-Bike: the classic bike for commuting and riding through the city
  • Cargo & City: transportation of kids or goods? No problem for these bikes
  • Sport & Commute: a slightly more sporty bike for commuting
  • Sport & Race: race bikes and MTB
  • Foldable: foldable bikes to use in combination with public transportation
  • Speed-Pedelec: the Rolls Royce of the e-bike with an abundance of energy
  • Design & Retro: the bike with a touch of the old days

Size: What’s your perfect fit?

Calculate your perfect fit with our size calculator. In case of doubt, contact us!

Colours & Brands: what do you like the most?

It’s your bike so it should match your taste! With more than 11 quality brands, 2.500 bikes and 500 accessories in our shop, you will undoubtedly find your taste.

Are you an interested employer?

Send us a message. We will be more than happy to walk you through the different elements of bike leasing. You will see that bike leasing can be a financial win-win for both employee and employer. Give us a shout and we will be happy to organise a video-call.